Hello world and welcome! I’m Luc.  It has taken me a while to get here: the blogosphere, I think the kids are calling it these days 😉 I’ve tended to take the view that I don’t have anything very attention-worthy to say. While that may be true in the sense that I’m not an expert on anything I might comment on here, I accept it is often the sum, the mélange and, sometimes, the collision of perspectives that help us all understand things that little bit more. Broadly speaking, I will offer you my thoughts on…

Hopes & Dreams

A friend of mine describes the business of education as the “business of hopes and dreams”. It’s true he then goes on to talk a great deal about bosoms (there’s a connection in there with nurturing, apparently) but I will spare you that part! After over a decade of working in and around the education sector, I agree with him – about the hopes and dreams bit. I feel very fortunate to be part of something like that. This category includes my thoughts and commentary about education and development more generally.

People & Places

Lots of things fascinate me, but people, and the places and spaces we make for ourselves, perhaps most of all. This category is deliberately catholic and includes everything from restaurant reviews to reflections about people I admire; from travel experiences to how we communicate.

My place

Thank you for visiting.